Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions

1- The warranty claim is applicable only if the purchased plywood is solely from Housework Ply and not used in conjunction with other brands' plywood.
2- A valid purchase bill issued by the original distributor of Housework Ply must be presented by the end consumer at the time of claiming warranty.
3- A guarantee card, issued by Housework Ply upon request through the distributor channel, must also be presented by the consumer along with the purchase bill.
4- No warranty claims will be granted if the affected area is infested by termites and if proper precautions were not taken during product usage.
5- It is mandatory to paste laminate on both sides of the plywood as a precautionary measure to prevent termite infestation.
6- Housework Ply will not entertain warranty claims if the building is affected by moisture and termites, leading to damage of the plywood.
In the event of a warranty claim, Housework Ply will only be liable to provide pest control services for the affected area; no product replacements will be offered.
These terms and conditions govern the warranty claims for products purchased from Housework Ply. Customers are advised to adhere to these guidelines for a hassle-free warranty process.