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Welcome to HouseWork Gold Plywood, where craftsmanship meets excellence in every grain. Trust in our brand and experience the fusion of style, strength, and substance. Welcome to a world where every stroke of woodwork speaks volumes HouseWork Gold Plywood.



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Red film faced shuttering plywood
30 kg


₹4500 ₹7500
Housework Is: 710 equivalent bonds
Is : 710 equivalent
HouseWork GOLD
IS : 303

HouseWork GOLD

₹3400 ₹3600

Daddy's Protection

Introducing HouseWork Plywood, the unrivaled guardian of your spaces. With a reputation as the Big Daddy of all plywoods, HouseWork offers unparalleled protection with its waterproof, fire-resistant, and termite-resistant properties. Our plywood stands as a fortress against moisture, ensuring longevity even in the most humid environments. Moreover, it acts as a firefighter daddy, shielding your structures from flames with its fire-resistant nature. Say goodbye to termite troubles as HouseWork Plywood stands tall as the ultimate termite terminator, safeguarding your investments. With uncompromising strength and integrity, our products maintain their structural stability over time, resisting decay and rot. Plus, HouseWork Plywood is an eco-daddy, caring for the environment with its eco-friendly materials. From scorching summers to freezing winters, trust HouseWork Plywood as your weather warrior, ensuring your projects remain safe and secure. With HouseWork Plywood, you get more than just protection – you get peace of mind.

Daddy's Shield

HouseWork Plywood stands as the patriarch of protection


Our eco-friendly materials ensure that your choice makes a positive impact.

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